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Timing Belt Replacement for Import and Domestic Cars and Lite Trucks.

Timing-BeltsTiming Belt Replacement and Maintenance

Replacing your timing belt at its recommended interval is critical to your engines long term condition and will save you the most money.

Timing belts power the engine valves opening and closing rates by rotating the cam shaft to allow for proper compression.  This compression leads to the combustion required to move the piston, if the timing belt fails, the pistons will contact the valves in some engines, resulting in bent valves, damaged piston and can cause major engine repair/replacement.

If you’re not sure if your engine has clearance issues in the event of a timing belt break, contact us, we can determine if your engine falls into this category.

Some engines dont have this clearance issue.

Unfortunately, the only maintenance available on a timing belt is its replacement, the reasoning is this “the labor involved with getting to the belt is such, you may as well replace the belt when you get there”.

The replacement interval is so critical to the life of your cars engines, the manufacturers place standard Intervals.  These intervals vary based on the car makers research and development, but they all have an interval.  Going past this interval is a gamble, a gamble of thousands verses hundreds.  Always less costly to replace the timing belt than to replace valves and pistons in a rebuild.