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Official Safety and Emissions Inspection Station for Goldsboro NC.

safety-emissions-inspectionsOfficial Auto Safety and Emissions Inspection Station for Goldsboro NC.

Automotive inspections and why they’re essential.

NC Safety and Emissions Inspections are critical for keeping drivers safe and the environment-friendly.

Shops who specialize in inspections only rarely repair the vehicle when asked, they can offer a referral but typically do not service cars at their location.  We not only can do the inspection but we can also repair if needed.

Getting your inspection can seem like a headache sometimes, mainly if your car is newer and requires the emissions check.  

Safety inspections won't take as long, but they do cover critical safety-related features of a car, safety-related meaning it can save your life/ours on the road.

Automotive Inspections have more do with protecting people, and emissions inspections preserve the environment.

Yes they can seem like an inconvenience, but in the end were taking care of people and the environment, both are very important.  If you’re not sure which one your car needs, call us and give us the year make and model, we will let you know which one you need.

As a rule, generally, anything older than 1995 is typically a safety issue, newer than 95 usually is emissions (smog filtering accessories).  However, call to be sure, auto safety and emissions inspection regulations change yearly.

For regulations and information about automotive safety and emission inspections, see the DMV website for additional information.  Alternatively, call us with your questions.

Other Helpful Automotive Inspections Resources

Helpful tool to check the status of your registration inspection lock.  Check to see if you have an inspection lock on your registration.

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DMV Resources for Safety and Emissions Inspections.