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09/10/2018  We have scheduled a redesign upgrade for our website, we are upgrading to responsive design technologies.  

This will allow us to optimize screen size across platforms (mobile, tablet, laptop and pc).  Our web management company includes it in their management plan so it has that “Feels Free” attribute which is always good.  Plus, they handle everything so we have the peace of mind to do what we do best, repair our customer cars.  We will link to a sneak peek when we have something for our visitors to look at.

We will be using the same colors, graphics etc, so the overall look will be the same, but with the responsive nature, there will be layout and positioning changes.

Ultimately, you will notice it’s similar, but it will adjust to use more of your screen.

You can comment on the design when the sneak peak goes live.  Sneak Peak Link is LIVE

View the Sample