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Auto brake repair, brake maintenance, suspension repair, suspension maintenance

Brake Lathe for Turning Rotors.Auto Brake Repair Shop Services

Brake wear is un avoidable, if you drive your car, you will wear the brakes.  How fast they wear depends on how you drive the car.

At some point, all cars on the road today will need their brakes repaired.  It’s always a good idea to check the suspension as well.

Brakes are one of those auto safety items that must be properly maintained.

Pad or brake shoe height is the best indicator of how long before replacement is needed.  Pads for disc breaks, shoes for drum breaks.

Rotors are always included in break service, if the pads/shoes are neglected and they begin to scrub the rotors, they may need to be replace or machined to resurface (smooth them out).

A grooved rotor surface will wear your new pads prematurely if you try to skimp.  Worn brake rotors will make your brakes less effective and even wear out the pads prematurely.  Save money by turning your rotors.

When checking the brakes for wear during tire rotation, oil changes or other regular maintenance item, checking the suspension components is critical for older cars.  Older cars may require ball joints, rack and pinion or tie rod ends, these are the most common parts to wear after cars are 10 years old or older.  There are many ways to check these items to determine the extent of wear.

Finding an honest mechanic shop to give you an accurate assessment on the needs of your car is a blessing, we are that auto repair shop.

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