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Engine Repair and Engine Replacement Services for Goldsboro NC.

Engine ReplacmentEngine Repair, Engine Replacement

Looking for great shop for engine repair or replacement?

The most common parts that need replacement on a engine is the external components (water pumps, Timing Belts, Alternators, Coils etc).  In some cases, engines with high miles can suffer from internal components that wear and become a problem.  In cases like this, replacing the motor with a new or remanufactured motor is the most cost effective way to eliminate those periodic break downs, particularly if the car is paid for.  

“Its almost always cheaper to fix the car than it is to replace the car”

So if this car has been good to you, replacing the motor is a great way to extend the usefulness and still avoid the dreaded car payment of a new car.

Another thing to consider when entertaining the thought of engine replacement is:  Are the problem with the motor a design flaw? In other words: Does it happen to all motors from this car at or around the same mileage mark?.  If the answer to that question is yes, in most cases a remanufactured motor will fix that problem.  Car makers understand the design flaw, so do the engine re builders, they typically fix that design flaw during the rebuild (remanufacturing).

Consult with one of our trained technicians, we will let you know if replacement is a more cost effective solution than repairing.

To help you better understand the differences between, engines rebuilt, engines remanufactured or replacement engines.  We located an informational resource for you.